tda-productsFor centuries, African people have used powerful botanicals as traditional healing elixirs. Terres D’Afrique has studied how people use these relatively unknown ingredients and evaluated their potential. The curative, restorative power of many African plants is legendary for a reason. They work, in no uncertain terms.

In crafting our products, we’ve combined these ingredients in potent formulations that maximise their skin care benefits; the culmination of years of exploration, field research and laboratory development.

No animal ingredients, colour additives, synthetic fragrances or any other potentially harmful chemicals are used in Terres d’Afrique products. In instances where the use of a synthetic preservative is completely unavoidable – for instance, to ensure product safety and efficacy – we limit the use strictly to a minimum (less than 0,5%), complementing synthetics with botanical alternatives.

Any synthetic preservatives used in Terres d’Afrique products are guaranteed safe and approved by Ecocert.

Stephan Helary, Founder, Terres D’Afrique

Stephan Helary, Founder, Terres D’Afrique

For Terres d’Afrique, this range of products is about a passion for nature, for Africa, for travelling the continent and exploring and discovering new plants, places and people. Our products are the result of a yearning to know and understand the full impact of what the African plant kingdom has to offer. Nature is our inspiration”