Product information

In our formulations we include both the seed oil and powder from the baobab fruit. In our Baobab Hair Treatment Oil we include the rich seed oil for its nourishing and moisturising benefits. This particularly helps hair that is dry and damaged from colour treatments and heat application. The powder of the Baobab is included in the Baobab Shampoo and Conditioner. The powder is rich in anti-oxidants and multi-vitamins, feeding your hair with the nutrients and pre-biotics your hair needs.

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Getting from tree to shelf


Baobab trees usually flower during the spring, brought to life by the season’s first rain. Once the fruit has reached its full size after a summer’s growth, they are ready to drop off the tree. Rural Venda women pick the fallen fruit and return it to their homesteads.

EcoProducts visits the villages weekly to purchase the fruit. EcoProducts train the members of the community to handle, transport and store the fruit so as to adhere to sustainable harvesting methods and organic certification standards.


Once the fruit has been purchased, it is taken to the EcoProducts Processing Unit in Makhado, where the fruit is cracked open by workers to separate the powder and the seeds.

The powder is sieved and stored. The seed is dehulled to remove the outer shell, and the kernel is pressed to produce the oil. The oil is then filtered to remove sediments and then packaged for sale.