Speciality Foods of Africa has set a new benchmark for Southern Africa’s natural products industry by bringing Baobab products, wild fruit jams, herbal teas and a range of cosmetic oils including baobab, marula and mafura butter to the market. Managed by Zimbabwean entrepreneur, Nyarai Kurebgaseka, Baobab is the key focus of the Speciality Foods range.

“We really see Baobab as the next big thing” said Nyarai when we caught up with her in Harare recently. “We have a fantastic baobab tissue oil, the unique “Baobar” cereal bar and absolutely delicious baobab jam” she said. “There has been steady growth in the marketplace as more consumers become aware of these natural products” she continued. “We are working on a whole new range of exciting products including fruit juices, yoghurt, muesli, sweets and ice lollies. Our long term strategy is to diversify the range of products on offer so we can really ramp up volumes of natural products purchased from rural communities so we can really make a difference to their livelihoods” said Nyarai.

  1. Herbal products manufacturing, particularly herbal teas, is really a growing industry in some south African countries.

  2. Can anyone please enlighten me? Because I don’t see anything ground breaking here. Similar products have always been available in the eastern part of the world.

  3. This is new and different for southern Africa, introducing new and innovative products in a difficult economic environment. As far as we are aware, no other baobab products are organic and fair trade, supporting poor rural communities etc – but we’d be really interested to know about the products you are talking about available in the eastern part of the world…