Fair, ethical trade and sustainability are integral to PhytoTrade Africa’s mission. By purchasing from our members and commercial partners, you can be sure that:

  • You are providing economic support to poor rural communities.
  • You are helping to conserve the biodiversity of Southern Africa.
  • Every producer has been fairly treated and paid a fair price.
  • Every product has been sustainably harvested.
  • Every product has a rich African heritage.


PhytoTrade Africa is actively engaged in efforts to develop Fairtrade labelling standards for indigenous wild products produced in rural Africa.  The current criteria have been developed for major commodities such as tea, coffee, bananas and chocolate and are not appropriate for our producers.


PhytoTrade Africa works only with plant species that are abundant in remote rural areas and have a strong history of traditional use. We thereby provide marginalised communities with a new opportunity to earn income and perpetuate local culture.


We ensure that producers are paid a fair price and have the opportunity to develop long term relationships with buyers. We also provide them training in areas such as health and safety, business skills, production processes, and organic and sustainable harvesting.

Benefit sharing

PhytoTrade Africa protects all intellectual property and genetic rights and ensures that any patents that arise through our research and development work are co-owned with the producing communities. By creating partnerships between producers, regional organisations, governments and industry, we ensure that benefit-sharing agreements, as envisaged under the Convention on Biodiversity, are developed and adhered to.