Andrew Kingman (Chairperson)

ECO-MICAIA Limitada, Mozambique

Michel Mallet (Honorary Treasurer)

Agricultural engineer, rural development consultant, executive director CRIAA SA-DC, Namibia

Ana Alecia Lyman

She is the co-founder and Managing Director of Bio Óleos de Maxixe (BOM), Mozambique.
She is engaged in building a sustainable and ethical green business from the ground up, based on the development and marketing of a unique, all-natural line of products using PhytoTrade focal species and other locally-sourced ingredients.
She has worked to refine the BOM brand, develop marketing materials and launch a regional marketing strategy.

Karen Knott

IRDNC & Kunene Conservancies Indigenous Natural Products Trust, Namibia

Pierre du Plessis

Pierre du Plessis has a degree in Southern African Economic History from the University of Cape Town and 25 years experience in indigenous natural products commercialisation and management, appropriate technology, strategic planning, project design and implementation, media, communication and adult education, mainly in Namibia and other African countries. He is a Senior Consultant member and former Director of the Centre for Research Information Action in Africa – Southern African Development and Consulting (CRIAA SA-DC), based in Windhoek, Namibia.

Carl Bruessow

Executive Director, Mount Mulanje Conservation Trust, Malawi